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What does a forensic genealogist do?

What can you do for probate attorneys?

What can you do for law enforcement?

We assist in legal investigations, such as locating missing heirs, identifying unidentified individuals, and establishing family relationships for legal purposes, e.g. inheritance or cold cases.

How? By combining traditional genealogical research techniques with modern DNA analysis to build family trees, trace lineage, and establish connections between individuals. We utilize both public and private records, historical documents, online databases, and DNA testing to gather evidence and piece together puzzles. You can rest assured that you've met due diligence, when you hire Visible Roots to investigate. 

Our estate services include:

  • locating individuals in probate cases

  • building out a family tree to identify potential heirs

  • creating court-ready charts

  • proving kinship and consanguinity through vital records

Our investigative services include:

  • locating individuals, living or deceased

  • utilizing DNA to identify relatives of an individual

  • creating court-ready reports, as needed

  • proving kinship through vital records

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